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As the dust settles

Posted on Fri February 26, 2021.

The dust is literally settling. I'm not saying that the drought is over, but the dust gets wet every now and again. The figurative dust also seems to be settling...

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Three months later...

Posted on Thu July 30, 2020.

Wow, it's three months later. In April we were wondering if the lockdown would be extended, not realising that the whole world would still be in a shambles at the end of July!

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What happens after?

Posted on Tue April 14, 2020.

The big question on everyone's lips, is what happens after the COVID-19 lockdown?

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Dutch Foodies Tour

Posted on Fri December 1, 2017.

We had such an amazing evening with the Dutch Foodies that are doing a 7 day trip around the Karoo Heartland, with the Angler and Antelope as their second stop.

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Gearing up for Getaway

Posted on Sat September 16, 2017.

Tourism month is always busy, with the National and Provincial bodies kicking into action, but other events also keep us busy!

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