The early Explorers

Posted on Sat February 3, 2024.

The Eastern Cape is rich in the early history of the European settlers, and it's always interesting to read different accounts of what the explorers encountered.

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The view from my window

Posted on Sat July 15, 2023.

We had a very interesting conversation with a guest the other day, all about how they choose which room to book.

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Karoo Sunsets

Posted on Mon May 8, 2023.

One of the things we photograph the most, besides fish that is, is sunsets.

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Doing the Whisky Scoffle in Somerset East

Posted on Wed October 26, 2022.

If you haven't done the whisky scoffle yet, you really are missing out!

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The Making of the Angler & Antelope

Posted on Sat April 2, 2022.

Take a journey with us, to see where it all started.

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