• Wildlife in Sommerset West

Experiences in Somerset East, Eastern Cape

Fly Fishing, The Angler and Antelope Guesthouse

Fly Fishing

Experience Wild Fly Fishing in the Karoo. Fishing is exclusive, with private access to still waters for Trout and trophy Bass waters at the foothills of the mountain. When you're fly fishing in the Karoo, it's just you and Mother Nature, no bustling crowds when you're at the water's edge. Over twenty kilometres of the Little Fish river throws down the gauntlet to test your skills and perseverance to conquer Small mouth Yellow fish. Access to the Bankberg Trout Fishers Club pristine waters for Brown, Golden and Rainbow Trout is easily arranged. For more information or visit Wild fly fishing in the Karoo.

Mountain Biking

Somerset East must be one of the most beautiful spots for mountain biking in the country. Meurant Botha has developed routes on the Boschberg mountain which are accessible for day visitors. The Boschberg Tourism Hub is the starting point for these routes, and maps are available for the different routes.

Wildlife in Sommerset West

Game Viewing in Somerset East and surrounds

The silence and solitude stirs the soul. Aroma's of the veldt plants heighten your senses to the wealth of the Karoo. Choose between the Addo Elephant National Park, Camdeboo National Park or Mountain Zebra National Park, each within an hour's drive from Somerset East.

Walter Battiss Art Museum in Somerset East

Take time out and transport your psyche into the fantasy world of the renowned artist Walter Battiss. Ponder on how he translated the nuances of the Karoo to Fook Island. The colours of the Boschberg mountain are reflected beautifully in his watercolours.

Hiking in Sommerset West

Other Experiences in Somerset East

Other experiences in the area include horse riding, bowls, birding, hiking, paintball and wing shooting. All the experiences available in the area can be arranged by your hosts Alan and Annabelle Hobson. Why not ask them to arrange an A&A Adventure for you?